About me

I’m a senior researcher at the RAND Meselson Center working on biosecurity and emerging technology. I’m also the Senior Scientist at Whitespace, a geospatial intelligence company.

I’m currently on leave from my other job as a professor at Yale University in the Departments of Biostatistics, Statistics & Data Science, Operations, and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. I have taught courses on stochastic processes, computational statistics, modeling, and causal inference. At Yale I worked on lots of things, including the COVID-19 pandemic response, the opioid overdose crisis, HIV outbreaks, and methods for studying hidden and hard-to-reach populations. In 2016 I received the NIH Director’s New Innovator Award (DP2).

My methodological/quantitative interests are broad. I’m interested in AI/ML, applied math, stochastic processes, modeling, causal inference, networks/graphs, computation, optimization, and algorithms.

I’ve worked in a variety of applied fields, including public health, security, human rights, biomedical science, epidemiology, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, bioengineering, radiology, and sociology.

Please get in touch if you’d like to talk. Or, you can leave me anonymous feedback.